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Inspired by the Tibetan manuscript Bardo Thodol, Yellow Cricket is the story of Ana, a girl who finds a yellow cricket in her garden during a summer night. Surprised by this strange creature, she tries to catch him, however, when she touches the cricket, she appears in an unfamiliar place for her. It is then when she discovers that the Yellow Cricket is a portal, allowing her to travel through different dimensions. In this story, Ana travels through different places, exploring the deep dimensions that run parallel to ours.

Produced, written and composed by Lister Rossel.
Vocals and Lyrics by Nina Miranda.
Art cover by Luisa Rivera

Yellow Cricket is work produced by Lister Rossel with guest artist Nina Miranda.

Guzheng by Mengmeng Wu
Guitar by Sean Ahern
Piano by Utkucan Eken
Percussion by Jansen Santana
Violin by Alex Afia
Synths & beats by Lister Rossel

Mixed and mastered by Lister Rossel.

You can download and listen to it for free in the following link:

Audiobook, Sound Design, Storytelling


Music Production, Sound Design