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ISIKLES is an album produced by John Keston and Lister Rossel, that combines compositions with sound design techniques to present soundscapes inspired by ice transitions. The sound sources include their own field recordings from frigid environments mixed with sonic interpretations uncovered through sound synthesis and processing during the brittle Minnesota winter.


“Isikles puts the listener on a beautiful elegant journey of ambient, soundscapes, pulses and textures. One of the best chill out albums to come out in a long time.”


– Richard Devine (Electronic musician & Sound designer)


“It’s interesting how it seems to transport my mind in both directions on the timeline. Certain elements send me back, sometimes way back, while others have a future oriented thrust. There is a sense of silent disaster unfolding. I imagine that this is what dying might feel like: when your mind brings you a sense of comfort, which masks the finality of the event…”


Piotr Szyhalski (Visual artist, musician and educator)



Produced by John Keston and Lister Rossel

Mastered by Tom Garneau

Art direction by Luisa Rivera

Cover Art by Forrest Wasko

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Custom Field

Field recording, Granular Synthesis, Moog, Analog Four, Nature, Experimental


20 November


Music Production