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Music Producer | Sound Designer

Lister Rossel is a London-based, Chilean born audio producer with a background in music production and sound design, working in audio post production for film, TV, documentary and digital platforms.

As a Music Producer, Lister has experience recording, producing, mixing and mastering in many different musical styles. Collaborations include a wide range of artists such as Nina Miranda, Morris Hayes, Camila Moreno, Chastity Brown, John Keston, Maia Von Lekow, among others.

Lister is also the founder and producer of Poesía Urbana (Urban Poetry), an educational non-profit project, aimed to bring Chilean poetry closer to youth through music. Poesía Urbana musicalized the work of important poets such as Pablo Neruda, Nicanor Parra, Enrique Lihn, Violeta Parra, Gonzalo Rojas, among others. Poesía Urbana involved live concerts combined with lectures by contemporary poets, music production, and radio programmes broadcast by Radio Universidad de Chile.

As a creative sound designer, he has a large sound library from different soundscapes and foley recordings while working for audio postproduction for film and animation.

Selected Clients:
Google, Ted-Ed, Mirage Entertainment, Bayer, Converse, Anima Istanbul, Sena, Casper F600, McCann – Erickson (SCL), Little Dot Studios, Simplicity CAP, Concha y Toro, CCU, Honda, Ministry of Labor and Education – Chile.

Film directors:

Andy Lefton, Sylvain Despretz, Murat Kiliç, Felipe Rios, Che Sandoval and Anna Radchenko, among others.

Music production

Lister Rossel has self produced eight studio albums under various pseudonyms.

2006 – Poesía Urbana
2008 – Evidente
2010 – Boca de Fuego
2010 – LA Rossel
2013 – Parcero
2014 – Quarter Tone (Alderman Tolliver & Lister Rossel)
2015 – Isikles (John Keston & Lister Rossel)
2017 – Yellow Cricket (Nina Miranda & Lister Rossel)

2019 – Alba (Tanaka Makoni & Lister Rossel)

Singles & Remixes
2013 – Thinking of you (Feat. Ana Tuiran)
2015 – Spring Child (Feat. Nina Miranda)
2015 – The Portal (Feat. Alderman Tolliver)
2015 – Sneaking (Feat. Alderman Tolliver and Morris Hayes)
2016 – Who I Can Be – Remix (Feat. Mei The Music)
2017 – Seeing Blue – Remix (Feat. Maia Von Lekow)

2017 – On track “Maji” from the album Maia & The Big Sky by Maia Von Lekow, as music composer.
2015 – Art residency by John Keston at Metropolitan University – Intermedia Art Department as sound artist assistant.

2015 – “The Neighborhood: A Look Through A Tube At A Leopard” by Tianrui Zhang, as sound designer


Film, TV & Documentary

2017 – “Tawai: A Voice from the Forest” Directed by Bruce Parry, as Sound Editor
2017 – “Interlude in Prague” Directed by John Stephenson, as Sound Editor
2017 – “I AM BOLT” Directed by Benjamin Turner and Gabe Turned,  as Sound Editor
2018 – “Dry Martina” Directed by Che Sandoval, as ADR Engineer
2018 – “Gabinete Arte” (7 chapters + trailer) Directed by Felipe Rios, as sound designer and music composer

Short film
2015 – “Two Worlds” Directed by Andy Lefton, as sound designer
2016 – “Through my Eyes” as sound designer
2016 – “Child’s Play” Directed by Murat Kilic, as sound designer
2016 – “Tales from Alexandria” Directed by Natasza Cetner, as sound designer and mixer
2016 – “Confessions of a Brestimator” as sound designer and mixer
2017 – “New Wave” as sound designer
2017 – “Nero” Directed by Natasza Cetner, as sound designer and music composer and mixer
2018 – “Fat Chance” Directed by Andy Lefton, as sound designer and mixer (Work in progress)
2018 – “Kokosmos” Directed by Anna Radchenko, as sound designer music composer

Commercial (Advertising)
2015 – Bayer as sound designer
2016 – Rickshaw – Mirage Entertainment as sound designer and mixer (5.1)
2017 – Casper Nirvana F600 as sound designer
2017 – Google tutorials 2017 as sound designer
2017 – The Birth of sound designer
2018 – Pulse PS studio as sound designer and mixer
2018 – Sena – Momentum as sound designer

2018 – Ted – Ed / The fantastic story of Cemeteries | How Thor got his hammer as sound designer


Ghibliotheque – as audio producer

Grants and Awards

2016 – John Leckie Award for Excellence in Audio Production / University of Westminster, London. UK

2015 – UOW Scholarship / School of Media, Arts and Design / University of Westminster, London. UK

2015 – AI AP (American Illustrator – American Photographer) / Interactive motion graphics/  New York. USA

2010 – Fashion week / Best sound design / GAM Santiago, Chile

2006 – Young Creative / 180 Grados / Santiago, Chile

Currently, Lister works at Little Dot Studios