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Music Producer | Sound Designer

Lister Rossel (Santiago – Chile) is a London based sound designer with a broad range of audio-visual and multimedia skills and deep interest for film, animation and interactive media.


His work is based on field-recordings using sound as a basic material. As a creative sound designer, he has a large sound library from different soundscapes and foley recordings while working for audio postproduction for film and animation. As a music producer, his compositions combine sound design techniques with recordings of traditional instruments.


In the past, Lister collaborated with a wide-range of artists in Latin America, Europe, Africa and the United States such Nina Miranda, Morris Hayes (Music Director for Prince), Camila Moreno, Chastity Brown, John Keston, Tolliver, Moon and Pollution, Maia Von Lekow, among others.


As a Sound Designer, Lister has been awarded and nominated on several Festivals such as:

The International Moving Pictures Film Festival (HIMPFF)
London IFF 2017
Student Academy Awards at SVA (New York, USA)
The Womanimation! (Rhode Island, USA)
The “Atlanta Short Fest” (Atlanta, USA)
LINOLEUM Festival (Ukraine)
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (USA)
Edinburgh Short Films Festival (Scotland, UK)
AI-AP (American Illustration – American Photography) – New York, USA
Illinois International Film Festival
The World Animation Celebration International
Reel 13 (Boston, USA)
Minneapolis, St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF)- Minneapolis, USA
Marbella International Film Festival (MIFF)


Selected client list:
Google (UK)
Mirage Entertainment (USA)
Converse (Chile)
Anima Istanbul (Turkey)
Andy Lefton (USA)


Currently, Lister is member of the creative duo Playhead